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Citrine Space Mist

Citrine Space Mist

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Revitalize your space with our luxurious Citrine Infused Room Spray, delicately scented with the uplifting essence of Grapefruit and Neroli.

Crafted to inspire positivity and radiance, this room spray combines the sunny aroma of grapefruit and the floral sweetness of neroli with the vibrant energy of citrine crystals. With a simple spritz, invigorate your surroundings with a burst of citrusy freshness, awakening the senses and uplifting the mood.

Infused with the joyful energy of citrine crystals, this room spray promotes abundance, optimism, and creativity. Let its radiant aura fill your space, infusing it with warmth and vitality.

Embrace the harmonious blend of fragrance and crystal energy with our Citrine Infused Room Spray, a luxurious indulgence for your senses and a radiant celebration of positivity. Transform any room into a haven of joy and inspiration with just a spritz.

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