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At Market Hill Apothecary we support a number of therapists who offer range of treatments. Please book directly with them.

EFT Therapist

Julia Durrant

Hello, I'm Julia, a passionate holistic therapist with a background in interior design. During the lockdown, I took the opportunity to explore my deep interest in holistic healing. I studied Reiki and guided meditation, which opened up a new world of wellness and balance for me. This journey led me to further expand my expertise by incorporating EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and spiritual life coaching into my practice.

Recently, I completed a six-month course in Circle facilitation, adding yet another layer to my holistic approach. My mission is to guide and support you on your path to well-being, using a blend of these transformative therapies.

To learn more about the therapies I offer at Market Hill Apothecary, please click below.

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Transformational Life Coach

Suzy Rose

I am a Transformational Life Coach and I work with women who are going through a period of change and introspection in the midlife stage of life.

Transformational Coaching is all about helping you find who you are becoming now. For some it is a soul calling process. It requires a gentle and loving approach. I can help you with this profound process, having been through it on my own soul journey these past 20 years, both personally and professionally.

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Nutritional Therapist & Natural Chef

Victoria Blake

I started my career as a nurse, but soon realised optimising health involves addressing well-being, lifestyle, and sustainability.

I share nutrition knowledge and recipes to address various health concerns. Nutritional therapy isn't just about weight loss; it supports physical and psychological well-being.

Email Victoria at or call on 07880386618 to book.

Massage Therapist

Tish Corbett

I've been a massage therapist for 5 years, and I'm qualified in Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy, and Hot Stone Massage. As a former competitive triathlete, I understand the importance of keeping your body in check and having regular massages to prevent injury. I'm also a yoga instructor, and I love combining deep, much-needed sports massages with relaxing and calming techniques to help alleviate stress and unnecessary tension.

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Life Coaching | Energy Healing

Lucy Sam-McKee

I am Lucy, offering Life Coaching, Energy Healing/Reiki, Drum Healing, Private Yoga, and Conscious Living Guidance. I support women in their wellbeing and spirituality, helping them live consciously in relationships with themselves, others, and the world. My intuitive, holistic approach nurtures physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. My practices can help you find passion and purpose, alleviate stress and anxiety, and bring balance to your life.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey. 

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