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Two Libras

Amethyst Space Mist

Amethyst Space Mist

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Immerse yourself in the serene essence of our Lavender Essential Oil Infused with Amethyst, a harmonious blend designed to cleanse your space and uplift your spirits.

Crafted with the finest lavender essential oil and infused with the soothing energy of amethyst crystals, this mist offers a transformative experience for your home or workspace. Simply mist the air to envelop your surroundings in a calming aroma, promoting clarity and peace.

Enhance your daily affirmations and rituals with this exquisite blend, allowing the gentle scent of lavender to soothe your senses while the healing properties of amethyst crystals imbue your space with positive energy.

Elevate your atmosphere and elevate your mood with our Lavender Essential Oil Infused with Amethyst, a holistic approach to creating a sanctuary of tranquility wherever you go.

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